Every year, we conduct ten, week-long expeditions. Each week, about ten spots will be available on board for both researchers and volunteers. We invite anyone who has an interest in the sea to join our expeditions. Pack your bag and join us on board, not as a passenger, but as part of our research team. You don’t need any experience sailing or in science, just a positive spirit and a desire to learn. Artists, photographers, dreamers and doers are welcome!

We believe anyone can be a change maker. As part of our team, you will help us collect data we need to monitor the health of whales, dolphins and turtles around the Balearic Islands. During the day, we will sail in the beautiful azure waters of the Balearic Sea, on the lookout for marine life. At night, we moor in the natural shelter of the island of Cabrera, a unique natural reserve. If you like sleeping under the stars and close encounters with marine life, this is the adventure for you. 



Why sail with us?

Our laboratory is the open sea. We will track sea turtles, sperm whales and other great pelagic species to study the way marine ecosystems function. You will have the opportunity of supporting a great conservation programme while learning about life in the Mediterranean. In one week, you will be part of an adventure that combines cutting-edge science, teamwork, fun and friendship. All of the proceeds from the program help us fund our research and conservation programs. At the same time, they allow us to share our passion for marine life and exploration with the public. Our expeditions are unique and authentic, with the clear and specific objective of studying and conserving the ocean's natural and cultural treasures.

Will I be expected to participate in the science?

All of our crew is expected to help out during survey time. This can include duties like spotting sea life, writing in the logbook, cooking, taking photos and helping with the sailing. No one will be asked to do anything they don’t want to do, but we encourage everyone to get stuck in and help out where they can. When the weather doesn't permit surveying, the expedition ship will turn into an open air museum to engage visiting families and kids about the dangers of marine litter and plastic pollution.

What will we discover? 

The Balearic Basin is home to a rich variety of underwater and avian species. During your time on board, you will learn all about these animals and if you keep a sharp eye, you will be able to spot them. Some examples of the species we might encounter are bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, cormorants, sea turtles and Risso’s dolphins, among others! Some of the activities we might carry out include the tagging of Carretta carretta, the loggerhead sea turtle, getting close enough to identify dolphin and whale families and looking out for tuna. We will also be on the lookout for beautiful Balearic shearwaters and other amazing sea birds. Starting this summer, we will also be performing manta trawls, measuring the amount of microplastic particles in the sea. To find out more about the science we carry out on board, follow the link below.

Can I get university credit?

Yes. Contact us to find out more about our student program on-board. We also offer an Open Ocean Monitoring Course.

When can I join and are there spaces left?

Our expeditions generally go out during the summer and are a week long.  Scroll down to our Survey Dates to find out about dates and see how many places are left. You can use our online payment system to secure your space directly.

How much does it cost and where does my money go towards?

One week on board the Toftevaag will cost you 990 Euros (TBC for this year 2017). This will cover your food and room on-board and a week of sailing. Below is a chart that breaks down how we use the money to cover the survey costs.


Nobody can lift 1000 kgs on their own...
The Toftevaag resurrects the spirit of the epic marine adventures of the past, bringing back to life the magic of sail, the excitement of the sea, and the thrill of gaining new knowledge.  Joining a ALNITAK expedition is an adventurous and unique experience.

What is life like on-board our ship?