Todos por la mar
The project

What do we do?

TODOS POR LA MAR is our programme engaging fishers, navigators and the general publicin the conservation of the marine environment and more specifically the management of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The core of this programme is to provide a scientific foundation for management. This is achieved by Alnitak’s expeditions on board the Toftevaag, the satellite telemetry analysis of NOAA and ICTS SOCIB, and data obtained from collaborating fishers and navigators.

The main focus of Todos por la Mar is mitigating the negative impacts on marine diversity derived from fishing, maritime traffic (noise and vessel strikes), marine litter and toxic pollution.

The project uses the loggerhead turtle as an umbrella species for addressing the conservation of the open ocean ecosystem. It is integrated in the Marine Turtle Conservation Act and counts on the support from the US Fish and Wildlife Service “Animals without Borders” initiative. Todos por la Mar is the marine contribution to the LIBERA project of SEO Birdlife on litter in nature, that counts on the collaboration of Ecoembes, Fundación Reina Sofía and a network of thousands of institutions, NGOs and individuals.

Toftevaag is the flagship of Todos por la Mar, running scientific expeditions as well as a tour of ports, where it opens to the public, becoming a meeting place and classroom. For the tours Alnitak counts on the collaboration of PORTS IB and Autoridad Portuaria de Baleares as well as associations of fishers and navigators.

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