Changemakers Mallorca - 20th to 26th July

Changemakers Mallorca - 20th to 26th July



This expedition is for the students of our Changemakers At Sea competition and their teachers. During this week they will be part of the Toftevaag crew. Just like with our other expeditions, we will conduct surveys of key pelagic species in the Mediterranean and study the effects of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem. 

We'll spend most days out at sea, looking for sperm whales, dolphins, pilot whales and sea turtles. During the night, we'll moor our ship in the beautiful natural reserve of Cabrera. 

  • Cost: Free for winning teams

  • Depart: Port of Mallorca

  • Arrive: Mallorca

  • Length: 7 days, 6 nights

  • Objective: species survey

This expedition is reserved for the winning team of our Changemakers At Sea.

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