Since her conversion in 1990, the Toftevaag has been a meeting place and working platform for over 3.000 scientists, teachers, filmmakers, corporate teams, volunteers and students from over 87 countries around the planet. Our ship is a floating laboratory for research and conservation around the globe. Today, we continue our heritage through our educational and citizen science program, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to learn about and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Our endeavours are made possible through the support and collaboration of our sponsors:

Part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Fundación Biodiversidad was set up in 1998. Its mission is to help protect and conserve Spain’s natural heritage and biodiversity. The foundation carries out large conservation projects, and also provides funding to develop the projects of NGOs, research bodies, universities, and so on. Each year the foundation collaborates with more than 300 projects. With the support of Fundación Biodivesridad, ALNITAK’s primary objective is to protect and preserve the biodiversity around the Parque Nacional del Archipiélago de Cabrera and the Reserva de la Biosfera de Menorca.

Ecoembes is a non-profit environmental organization that promotes a circular economy through the recycling of plastic packaging. In partnership with SEO Birdlife, it created the LIBERA project. The objective of this initiative is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens to maintain natural spaces free from litter. LIBERA’s approach to the problem of marine litter is to help with knowledge, prevention and participation.  ALNITAK is heavily invested in the reduction of marine litter, both through education and research.  This year, we will be studying and and mapping the movement of microplastics and larger marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Turtle Conservation Fund is working to ensure the long-term survival of sea turtle species around the planet. To successfully protect these wide ranging oceanic travellers, its important that countries sharing the same oceans cooperate closely. Our partnership with the USFWS is allowing ALNITAK to continue its research efforts, deployed in the tracking and tagging of Caretta caretta, the loggerhead sea turtle. Our OASIS project is helping us understand the habits and movements of the Atlantic populations, as they journey from Floridian beaches to the Mediterranean Sea. We are able to track these beautiful animals real time and protect them against bycatch and other dangerous human impacts.

OceanCare has been committed to marine wildlife protection since 1989, taking concrete steps to improve the situation for wildlife in the world’s oceans. In 2011, it was granted Special Consultative Status on marine issues with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. OceanCare collaborates closely with ALNITAK and KAI Marine to improve the management and conservation status of dolphins, whales and sea turtles in the waters surrounding the Balearic Islands. It is mostly involved in our citizen science surveys, helping us to continually research the movements, habitat use and ecology of loggerhead sea turtles, sperm whales, beaked whales, pilot whales, striped dolphins, common dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and bluefin tuna.

Ashoka Changemaker Schools enable all students to become changemakers—young people who have the skills and confidence to change the world for the benefit of all. Ashoka has pioneered the field of social entrepreneurship—successfully implementing system-changing solutions to human and environmental problems in areas of need. Students are learning the essential skills of empathy, creativity, leadership, and teamwork at Ashoka Changemaker Schools, so they can thrive in the modern world and find solutions to our most complex problems. Ashoka is working with ALNITAK supporting and promoting our Changemakers At Sea competition amongst their school network.

Asociación Ondine works towards the creation and effective management of a network of Marine Protected Areas in the Balearic sea. Their Dos Manos Schools Programme explores the issue of plastic in the marine environment and the effect this has on our marine life and ourselves. It is offered to local schools with the aim of reaching and engaging as many students, teachers and parents as possible into marine conservation. It inspires and empowers students to find innovative solutions to common problems caused by plastic pollution. ALNITAK and Ondine are working together to involve students in our Changemakers At Sea competition – all about finding solutions to plastic pollution. Winning teams will be invited on board our expedition vessel for a marine science adventure!


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Our past collaborations include but are not limited to: 

ASHOKA Foundation, OCEANCARE, NOAA, NOAA NMFS, USFWS, SOCIB, ECOEMBES, 5 GYRES, Asociacion ONDINE, Fundación Biodiversidad, The Sea Musketeers, KAI Marine, SOCIB, US Fish and Wildlife Services, Stanford University – Hopkins Marine Station, Tag a Giant, Duke University Marine Lab, BBC Wildvision, New Atlantis Films, Orca Films, Transglobe Films, ARTE TV, TV Bavaria, the University of St. Andrews – Sea mammal Research Unit (SMRU), National Geographic Crittercam, EARTHWATCH Institute, the Pew Foundation, the Fundación Biodiversidad, the University of Aarhus, the University of Madrid (UAM), the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (I.E.O.), KAI Marine Services, HYDRA Institute, the Danish Fisheries Institute (DTU), Woodshole Oceanographic Institution, IFREMER, GTMF, ACCOBAMS, MISSION BLUE, NATO NURC, the European Commission LIFE and Fisheries Funding Programmes 

ALNITAK counts also on the support of the European Fisheries Fund, the Fundación Biodiversidad and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, the Global Environment Facility UNDP, UNEP and FAO, ACCOBAMS – GFCM – MAVA Foundation, Mission Blue and Coca Cola Spain.


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