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In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.
— Baba Dioum, 1968

When it comes to conservation, knowledge is power! One of our top priorities is to share our knowledge far and wide. Learning has no age limits and our message of conservation is the same whether you are 9 or 99. Active community involvement is our target for ensuring a positive and long lasting impact of our programme, and working closely with teachers and the public is the best tool we have found.




changemakers at sea

Empowering students to shape their future


For summer 2019, we will be welcoming students on-board our ship for a week of marine science and conservation, following a highly successful pilot season in 2018. The students will join our crew of professional marine scientists and sailors for a weeklong expedition on our research vessel.  As part of our crew, students will be 100% involved in every aspect of the work. This will include data collection, species identification, sailing, filmmaking and even cooking meals and scrubbing the decks. A large part of the experience is also community service, where every week we reach out to the public and share our environmental message with those around us. We believe our program fits perfectly for those who are looking for work experience, IB students who want to complete their CAS requirements, or students looking to complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

All students will be encouraged to take initiative, problem-solve and persevere - helping them grow in self-confidence while acquiring new skills. Working with scientists, they will learn about ocean health, biodiversity, techniques in marine biology and most importantly, teamwork. They will discuss global marine issues, such as plastic pollution and its causes. They will no longer be spectators, but will be encouraged to become Changemakers!

I was very excited to see a program that offers young people the unique opportunity to experience life on a research boat first hand. After spending a week on a sustainable research vessel, we all walked away with a heightened sense of the impact that plastic pollution has on marine ecosystems. In addition to that, watching and learning to identify wildlife such as marine mammals, sea turtles, fish, and birds adds an incredible value to the trip. In summary, I found the experience to be educational, inspiring, and challenging.
— Diego, IB Biology Teacher, American School of Barcelona

Do you know a group of students who would love to come on-board? The expeditions will be filled on a first come first served basis. We aim to have all of spaces filled by early Spring 2019. Please contact to enquire about available weeks for the summertime. Download our program brochure to find out more.

The Lokahi Makai team sailed on-board the Toftevaag for a week alongside the Alnitak group. This is their experience!!

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What is it like to go to school on an island? Schools in Mallorca can see the direct impact of plastic pollution on their beaches and their coast. We want to help empower the next generation to become smarter, cleaner and to leave no trace. We're proud to join forces with Save the Med Foundation and their Dos Manos Program. This program teaches students to become critical thinkers and active within their community, exploring the issue of plastic in the marine environment. It’s offered to local schools with the aim of reaching and engaging as many students, teachers and parents as possible. It is a hands-on program, during which the students do a local excursion and conduct a beach clean-up.

We invite students to be part of a positive wave of change in the world of ocean conservation. Students will work as a team to come up with active solutions to single-use plastic pollution. 

The most successful projects, judged by a panel of scientists and educators, will have the incredible opportunity of joining the crew of the Toftevaag, our oceanographic research vessel for a week of conservation work in the blue waters surrounding Mallorca. By inviting students on-board, we aim to have an educational impact far beyond the deck of the Toftevaag.  Last year, our competition involved over 110 students from 10 different schools. The students came away with a life-changing experience, with our winning team even putting together a video of their time on-board. As more and more students help us spread a message of conservation and care for our environment, we take big steps toward building a stronger and more compassionate generation. 

ocean tribute award

The Changemakers At Sea competition was nominated for an Ocean Tribute Award in 2019



Todos Por La Mar - Our scientific program is called “Todos por la mar” – “Everyone for the Sea”. This is an acknowledgment of all the different people and organisations that contribute to our research over the years.

In 2018, for this campaign, we have had the support and funding of USFWS, ECOEMBES and SEO Birdlife (Proyecto LIBERA) of the Ministry of Ecological Transition thanks to the grant program provided by Fundación Biodiversidad.

Exhibitions in port

Classic working boats are not a common sight in the Mediterranean, so the Toftevaag is the perfect vessel to break the ice with fishermen, families and kids – helping us start a dialogue about conservation. During the summer, our ship turns into a floating and living exhibition, showcasing our scientific research. Anyone is welcome to come on board to learn about our work directly from our crew or volunteers, who can showcase the scientific equipment we use to track great open water species and monitor marine litter. As we sail into Balearic ports, we’re often greeted by children shouting “barco pirate!” Inspired by these cries, we decided to set up a program to engage the next generation of scientists, artists and policy makers. Kids aged 6-12 can come on board and learn about marine biology, dolphin spotting and more. 


Educators and teachers play some of the most important roles in conservation, helping the next generation to make better and brighter decisions. Every expedition, we reserve a free spot for teachers on our ship, who have a chance to experience conservation on the front line. If you’re a teacher who is interested in sharing this experience with your students, get in touch! Download our flyer below.

Documentaries and TV Appearances

  • BBC 21st Century Ark – (Chapter “Dolphins”)

  • BBC Blue Planet (Chapters “Open ocean” & “Making waves”)

  • New Atlantis Guardians of the Planet (Chapter “A ship for Neptune)

  • Bavaria TV / ARTE TV Expedition Mittelmeer (All chapters)

  • Todos por la Mar

One of our objectives for 2016 – 2020 is the making of a documentary film on the “blue Serengeti” and “Fishermen, guardians of the sea”.


  • 1998 “FITUR ACTIVE”

  • 2010 “European Green Entrepreneurship”

  • 2015 ASHOKA Fellowship Award

  • 2019 Nominated for an “Ocean Tribute Award” at Boot Dusseldorf