In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” Baba Dioum, 1968

When it comes to conservation, knowledge is power! One of our top priorities is to share our knowledge far and wide. Learning has no age limits and our message of conservation is the same whether you are 9 or 99. Active community involvement is our target for ensuring a positive and long lasting impact of our programme, and working closely with teachers and artists is the best tool we have found.

Students as FUTURE changemakers

What is it like to go to school on an island? Schools in Mallorca can see the direct impact of plastic pollution on their beaches and their coast. Today, we live on a plastic planet, with over 8 million tons of plastic being dumped into our oceans annually. One way to make a change is to empower the next generation to become smarter, cleaner and to leave no trace. This year, Alnitak is proud to have joined forces with Asociaciòn Ondine and their Dos Manos Program, teaching students to reduce our single-use plastics, become critical thinkers and active change-makers within their community.  We've created an exciting new school competition – the winning school will get to spend a week aboard our research vessel as part of our crew. 



Without life in the ocean, there would be no life on land.

Exhibitions in port or at anchor

Classic working boats are not a common sight in the Mediterranean. The Toftevaag is the perfect vessel to break the ice with fishermen, families and kids – helping us start a dialogue about conservation. Our ship turns into a floating and living exhibition, showcasing life on board and our scientific research. You won’t find much to read on board, but there will be people to talk to and seafaring equipment to learn about.  We showcase the oceanographic tools we use to track great open water species and monitor marine litter.


Our Pirates program is born

As we sail into Balearic ports, we’re often greeted by children shouting “barco pirate!” Inspired by these cries, we decided to set up a program to engage the next generation of scientists, artists and changemakers. Kids aged 6-12 can come on board and learn about marine biology, dolphin spotting and more. For the month of August, our research vessel turns into a floating adventure tour. 2017 was a swashbuckling success; we’re gearing up for an adventurous 2018…


TEACHERS and educators at SEA

Alnitak’s founders grew out of grassroots initiatives in the 1980s, like Greenpeace and Scandinavia’s Schools at Sea.  In 2002, we were able to run a project named “Todos por la Mar” EU LIFE, involving schools in Andalucia and Murcia. Educators and teachers play some of the most important roles in conservation, helping the next generation to make better and brighter decisions. Our educational program also extends to our volunteer project, where we expect each volunteer to become an ambassador for biodiversity. Aboard our expeditions, we welcome teachers and educators, who have a chance to experience conservation on the front line. If you’re a teacher who is interested in sharing this experience with your students, get in touch!