Todos Por La Mar - Our scientific program is called “Todos por la mar” – “Everyone for the Sea”. This is an acknowledgment of all the different people and organisations that contribute to our research over the years.

In 2018, for this campaign, we have had the support and funding of USFWS, ECOEMBES and SEO Birdlife (Proyecto LIBERA) of the Ministry of Ecological Transition thanks to the grant program provided by Fundación Biodiversidad.

Exhibitions in port

Classic working boats are not a common sight in the Mediterranean, so the Toftevaag is the perfect vessel to break the ice with fishermen, families and kids – helping us start a dialogue about conservation. During the summer, our ship turns into a floating and living exhibition, showcasing our scientific research. Anyone is welcome to come on board to learn about our work directly from our crew or volunteers, who can showcase the scientific equipment we use to track great open water species and monitor marine litter. As we sail into Balearic ports, we’re often greeted by children shouting “barco pirate!” Inspired by these cries, we decided to set up a program to engage the next generation of scientists, artists and policy makers. Kids aged 6-12 can come on board and learn about marine biology, dolphin spotting and more. 


Educators and teachers play some of the most important roles in conservation, helping the next generation to make better and brighter decisions. Every expedition, we reserve a free spot for teachers on our ship, who have a chance to experience conservation on the front line. If you’re a teacher who is interested in sharing this experience with your students, get in touch! Download our flyer below.