changemakers at sea

Empowering students to shape their future

We can all become changemakers and have an impact on the world.
Our actions as citizens can help protect biodiversity and quality of life.

This year, we will be running a “Changemakers” competition for the first time ever.  Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all, as well as the wildlife around us. On an island like Mallorca, with a high degree of tourism, this issue is bound to affect people’s quality of lives directly. Our project aims to empower students to become part of a solution. As we draw attention to our plastic planet, we invite students to be part of a positive wave of change in the world of ocean conservation.

Students will work as a team to come up with active solutions to single-use plastic pollution.  The most successful projects, judged by a panel of scientists and educators, will have the incredible opportunity of joining the crew of the Toftevaag, our oceanographic research vessel, for a week of conservation work in the blue waters surrounding Mallorca. The students will get a chance to live a week in the life of a marine biologist, learning about oceanographic techniques and what life is like on-board an ancient fishing vessel. 


To participate in the competition, the students will need to form a team and come up with solutions to this challenge.

Ondine’s Dos Manos School Programme explores the issue of plastic in the marine environment and the effect this has on our marine life and ourselves. It’s offered to local schools with the aim of reaching and engaging as many students, teachers and parents as possible. It is a hands-on program, during which the students do a local excursion and conduct a Dos Manos beach clean-up.

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Our competition aims to have an educational impact far beyond the deck of the Toftevaag. During the expedition, the young crew will document their activities through film, photos and artwork. A logbook/blog will be used as the backbone for their outreach and communication. Social media platforms will help them broadcast their experiences to fellow students around the world. As part of the Toftevaag crew, they will become ambassadors for the ocean. 

Working with scientists on board, students will learn about ocean health, biodiversity, techniques in marine biology and most importantly, teamwork. They will discuss global marine issues, such as plastic pollution and its causes. They will no longer be spectators, but will be encouraged to become changemakers. The Toftevaag is a perfect platform and opportunity for this change to take place. This type of student “activism” is gaining traction throughout the world. More and more young people are standing up for their rights as citizens of the planet. 


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